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Old Bridge
The road that time has forgotten
August 2008
New Bridge
November 2011

Community Coalition to Fix Barry Road

Starting just ten days after the April 2004 accident, 10,000 concerned citizens signed petitions requesting the City of Kansas City, MO to expedite improvements to Barry Road.  The citizens committee has participated in at least 50 meetings with the City of Kansas City and Platte County over the past five years.  Progress has been painfull slow.  The Barry Road bridge was closed in August 2008 after a Kansas City Public Works inspection determined the bridge was unsafe. 
The project has been divided into three different projects.  Two of the projects are being managed by the CIMO office of the City of Kansas City and the third by Platte County. 

Statistics for "Bloody Barry Road"

17 Fatalities

2,000+ accidents

49 Buses with 2,552 children cross the bridge each day

10,000 - 24,000 vehicles/day